5 Habits That Increase Your Productivity

By: Frederik van Deurs co-founder of greentechchallenge.eu , 31. juli 2015                             

1) Develop a Morning Ritual

Most entrepreneurs live a hectic and dynamic life, rarely two days look the exact same. This is what makes the entrepreneurial yuccie life exciting, but it also present a huge risk for developing stress and bad habits. Any one who's been in a startup can relate to how the mountain of tasks can seem unconquerable at times.

It comes to show, that a wide range of the worlds most recognised creators of all time, all had some sort of morning ritual. If you develop a morning ritual, and design it well, all your days will start with a boost of creativity and productivity.

A solid morning ritual could look like this:

  1. Get up at 7.00
  2. Drink half a liter of water
  3. Brush teeth
  4. Meditate for 5 minutes
  5. Shower
  6. Dress
  7. Make and eat breakfast
  8. Leave for work space

Make an order that you repeat every morning so you don't have to think twice about what you're doing. After a week you'll see how much more excess energy you'll feel – just from not having to decide anything before going to work in your startup.

Tynan has written a really cool book on habits and habit building, “Superhuman by Habit” you can get it here.

2) Name 6 tasks for the day

As mentioned by James Clear, Ivy Lee, a famous business developer had a technique for raising the productivity of his clients by simply incorporating the habit of making a list with 6 tasks every day. You start with the most important one and move on to the next. At the end of the day you move the unfinished task on to the next day.

As simple as it sounds, it is often the case in a startup, that entrepreneurs get distracted because of the wide variety of tasks we're facing. This is why any yuccie should develop the habit of focus, in order to put in high-quality work and start with the most important tasks.

This method even helps the average yuccie to beat procrastination, as the pipeline will be very clearly defined. Read more...

3) Show up every day

If you're having trouble starting your career as a writer, photographer, painter, sculptor, designer or similiar, maybe you should consider upping your work load. It comes to show, that motivation is a factor that variates a lot. Some days you feel motivated, some days you don't. However, if you want to get really good at anything, the best thing you can do, is do it consistently.

Noone produces masterpieces right off the bat. It seems like you have to go through some mediocre work to get to the really good stuff – therefore, show up everyday, put in work and watch your portfolio grow bigger and bigger for each passing month.

Discard the work that falls below your standard.

Make contact, take initiative and see what comes out of it. Your costumers will never dream of your existence if you don't make noise. If you show up every day, one automatic consequence will be you producing something rather than nothing, day by day you'll develop a bit more and gain more ground on the you that relies on motivation.

If you develop the habit of showing up everyday, it becomes so much easier for you to build the skillset and the portfolio that will live off your yuccie trade.

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4) Do it yourself

When you're in a startup or working creatively, cutting costs should be an immediate goal. When you need something done, check out what it takes to go for the DIY solution. We needed desks in out office and ended up building this killer up-cycled desk from old pallets.

Not only does it add a personal touch to the workspace, it took some resources that were discarded and made them into something new, needed and appreciated. Everyone who enters the work space will now that the space is inhabited by creative makers, that care about sustainability and DIY, just from the furniture alone.

On pinterest you can find loads of inspiration for cool and cheap DIY solutions to furnish your home, yuccie work space or maker-space.

5 Adapt the 2 minute rule

The 2-minute rule is ultra simple, yet it helps a lot to speed up the process of decision making and lets you start on things you really want to do, without inviting the option of procrastination. The rule is simple, if something you consider doing takes less than 2 minutes, do it right away.

If you want to go for a run, think of it as putting on your shoes and walk out the door. When you're in your running gear and outside, it'll be so much harder to procrastinate the jog.

When you're in your startup and you think about reaching out to a client, start writing the email right away. Oftentimes the difficult thing is getting started, the task procrastinated in itself is easily done.

The 2-minute rule was developed by the philosopher and weightlifting yuccie James Clear. Read more...