6 signs you're a yuccie

By: Frederik van Deurs co-founder of greentechchallenge.eu , 28. juni 2015                             Photo by Grégoire Hervé-Bazin  

6) You have a diet

The yuccie manifesto dictates that social and bodily awareness is your own responsibility. Not taking care of yourself and your eating habits is social suicide in a world of environmentally and bodily aware entrepreneurs. You will not have to go full fledged vegetarian – but it is a good start. Try meat-free yoga tuesdays.

If everything else fails, go for freegan, gluten-free or Paleo – all of which can be effectively backed by yoga.

5) You do bouldering every once in a while

Bouldering is underground enough to still be very cool and in high social esteem – this makes it a perfect activity to take care of your body while having fun and maybe even networking a bit. Bouldering is really exhausting, so the format is perfect for getting to know other boulderes while you rest between problems (problems= bouldering lingo for climbs). Check out this amazing video, yucciely produced and really really awe-inspiring!

4) You have a blog - or words to that effect

Having a blog is quinteessential for the perfect yuccie. Not only is a blog a great tool for advertising for yourself and your work, it is also a great way to raise awareness and create a following. This way you have a communication channel that let's you brag about your talent, but also share your defeats on the way to financial, sustainable and creative freedom – the ultimate mission of the yuccie.

Check out this blog I made about things I want to do before I die, I never got to monetize it, maybe I should: www.sett.com/fvd

3) You live in a collective

Housing is one of the big challenges the world is facing with the massive urbanisation that takes place at the moment. The yuccie should try to work around this by living collectively, thus sharing resources in terms of food, space, money, water, heat, power etc.

Most of your furniture should be antique and/or DIY and/or salvaged from the waste room in your apartment building or similar. IKEA is a no-go.

Always go for quirky and/or sustainable and/or locally produced and/or second hand.

2) You give a fuck – about something

Giving a fuck means a lot to the yuccie. We can still make a difference in the world and the yuccie recognize this. Your something could be animal rights, Ethiopean refugees, the right to bear arms, childrens rights or the TTIP. Either way, you have a cause to fight for and you do so valiantly – if not, your probably not really a yuccie. The yuccie gives a fuck, and the fucks are given quite often.

1) You own a company

As yuccie is a combination of the words; young urban entrepreneur - obviously you have to own a company, your own company! However, in the aspirations of fully becoming a true yuccie, you could actually just be interning for a small start-up and try to make it to get some equity there. Preferrably though, you'll be running your own thing, billing your clients and making sure that you're your own boss and that you control your own destiny.