Crate - Danish Startup Promoting Craftmanship

By: Frederik van Deurs co-founder of , 3. Aug 2015                             

Crowdfunding is one of the main gamechangers of our time. All of a sudden, any yuccie can raise money and do an MVP with a microscopic investment of time and money. A bunch of creative entrepreneurs from Copenhagen decided to do just that, with their idea Crate.

Crate is an online shop where you can shop handcrafted furniture and decor. Crate successfully raised $5.000 in their kickstarter campaign. The kickstarter campaign gave enough head room for Crate, to hire freelancers to finish the work on their platform and launch July 2015.

The platform functions as a showcase for small furniture makers. The makers put their goods on display and let's the consumer shop on one united platform for Craftsmen that take pride in their work.

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Crate often release great video content from various maker-spaces in Denmark. Crate has done an amazing work piecing together a visual profile that underlines what they represent – hand crafted Scandinavian design.

Crate represent a new angle to the DIY. Crate is for anyone who dreams of great handcrafted items and love the idea of not having to pay a middleman a big cut – at Crate you shop directly from the makers. How cool is that?

Here's their recent video with the makers from Kemikaze, check out their cool workspace, how does it compare to your own maker-space?

“With Crate we want to disrupt the mass-produced furniture and interior ‘’business as usual’’ and take part in the debate about conscious consumption with an alternative solution all about local production, social impact and high quality products created by hand.” - Crate.

These yuccies are on their way to something, the small scale handcrafted furniture can never be produced and distributed by the big warehouses, the stories and the intricate intimacy lying within the products, can't be copied.

Crate is a reaction against the unpersonal mass-produced ready-made solutions from the big warehouses. If you, as a consumer (or a bussy yuccie) haven't got the time or skills to DIY your furniture, Crate let's you browse and shop a wide range of high-quality pieces.

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Like any yuccie, the Crate startup puts a heavy emphasis on being proud of their trade. They treat their trade with passion and perfectionism, allowing for amazing work to be distributed widely. They represent the yuccie part of the DIY movement, uncompromising quality for the socially and environmentally conscious consumer.

Crate represents the yuccie tendency towards consciousness of sustainability and social responsibility. By creating a platform for creative entrepreneurs to showcase their work, Crate leverages the effort of a number of yuccies and ease their way towards living the dream – make ones trade ones livelihood.

Go to to get inspired, check out what is going on amongst the grass root makers of Scandinavian furniture these days. This Danish startup definitely takes up the task of promoting great work and inspiring it's peers towards more creativity, DIY and entrepreneurship.

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