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www.yuccie.dk is looking for the story of your creative business. We want to help young urban entrepreneurs all over the world to get a bit more recognition. So if you want to tell your story and hear from one of our journalists please fill out the form and we'll get in touch with you!




A central part of yuccie life is having a great work space. No matter if it is an atelier or an office, you'll need this space to foster your creativity and productivity. At the end of the day, all you have is your own time. Your main concern should be to spend this time in the best possible way – creating the perfect work conditions for yourself, is a big part of this.

In this post we'll explore how you can add three air cleansing plants to your workspace. It is guaranteed to promote your creativity, productivity and general well-being. Any yuccie will testify to the importance of having a great work space, adding plants and getting fresher air is a great way to achieve this... Read more

Crowdfunding is one of the main gamechangers of our time. All of a sudden, any yuccie can raise money and do an MVP with a microscopic investment of time and money. A bunch of creative entrepreneurs from Copenhagen decided to do just that, with their idea Crate.

Crate is an online shop where you can shop handcrafted furniture and decor. Crate successfully raised $5.000 in their kickstarter campaign. The kickstarter campaign gave enough head room for Crate, to hire freelancers to finish the work on their platform and launch July 2015... Read more