Perfect work conditions for the Yuccie life

By: Frederik van Deurs co-founder of , 13. aug 2015                             

Have you ever thought about quitting your day job to go traveling the world, spending each night watching the sunset in the Carribean or climb mountains in the Himalaya or surf everyday in a remote fishing village in Nicaragua?

If you have just the tiniest bit of yuccie in you, you have. Or at least you've been dreaming of something similar. But why not try and find a way to make ends meet, that you can take with you, whereever you go? 

Work anywhere, escape nine to five and be free?

If you recognize the frazing above, you probably already read the 4-hour WorkWeek by Timothy Ferriss. In large detail, his book covers how you can make a living that is sculpted to make your dreams come true, but also to make your dreams become everyday life. Since I've read that book, I've redesigned my life so that I am always able to go traveling when and where I want. Buy it here

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After reading the book, I have lived the yuccie dream in Mexico, Kenya, Argentina, Vietnam, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. You can do this too. First step is to minimize your cost of living. The less you spend, the less you'll have to earn on your creative projects to put enough aside to go and experience the world for a while.

The lifestyle presented by Timothy Ferriss is perfect for the modern yuccie. All you have to do, is to make sure that you can work on you laptop on a semi-stable internet connection. If you can work on a connection that is only sporadic, you'll be even better off. Oftentimes, the exotic and really exiting destinations don't really have stable internet connections.

In the 4-hour work week Tim Ferris comes up with a wide variety of ways you can realize this dream. One of them is running an automated webshop, another is aiming at being a freelance writer, programmer or graphic designer. If you go for this sollution, check out, and all are portals where freelancers can offer their work on secific projects – or where you can find a freelancer for hire. Much of the work associated with a yuccie lifestyle can be done from anywhere in the world – and this is key.

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Through services like Air BnB, you can now rent out your apartment relatively effortless – maybe you can even make a small buck in the process. The all you have to do is pick a destination and take whatever life throws at you when you get there. I have often found that the ROI on traveling is massive; you return with fully charged batteries and a whole new wide array of friends and acquaintances that may come in handy later in your life.

I once wrote a book staying with a couple of elder Norwegians in Northern Norway during the winter. I had met their grand daughter in the Streets of Ho-Chi Minh City a few months earlier, and she invited me to come stay with them. Living the yuccie life, you will often find yourself relying on your network in important matters – here traveling and making your network international is an excellent opportunity.

If you haven't already done it, i highly recommend that you check out the 4-hour work week, it inspired me to radically changed my life into a rich and creative, flexible, minimalist yuccie living.

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