Signs you need to be outside more

By: Frederik van Deurs co-founder of , 20. aug 2015                             

5) You're getting angry at facebook updates

Sitting in your workspace and throwing objects at your computer is, surprisingly enough, not the best way to deal with frustration. Most yuccies have lives with tons of work piling up, little sleep and too little time to get outside. However, sudden bursts of aggression is a tell tale sign that you're not getting outside enough.

Quite a few recent studies show that city dwellers have a significantly higher tendency for anxiety and depression. This might sound like a bad thing, but your magic potion does exist – being outside in a quiet park for 90 minutes significantly reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

4) You have already forgotten how you found this article

Short term memory is one of the first things to suffer from too much neural stimulation. Stimulation is here understood as impressions, walking in traffic, listening to honking horns and staring into a screen is not good for the human machine.

Even the most stubborn yuccie will have to take some time off and get outside. The good thing is that this time spend outside in Nature, can improve your short term memory significantly.

In one study two groups were given memory tests before respectively taking a walk in the streets and taking a walk in Nature. The second group improved by 20% - the first one had no improvement.

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3) You have to quench your eyes to see the face of another yuccie across the street

For children, staying outdoors has been connected to reducing nearsightedness development. If you experience a worsening of your eyesight, being outside might be just what the doctor ordered. Not being able to recognise an acquaintance can ruin your social status completely – after all a yuccie is dependent on her network.

Maybe this only works for children, who knows, but if being outside can help you save some of that precious ability to see – you'd be a fool not to invite it. Even though glasses often look stylish and cool, few glass wearing yuccies actually appreciate the reason for the glasses.

2) You have writers block

Staring at the blank pages or the empty music project in ProTools is a very frustrating feeling. You'll never see a yuccie who hasn't tried it. Sometimes the good ideas just don't show up and you find yourself browsing mindlessly, unable to muster a single semi-great thought.

In one study participants were tested in creative problem solving. Their results improved by 50% after spending 4 days in Nature without access to modern communication technology. We cannot say for sure if time spend in Nature was the key contributor to this effect or if the time spent without communication technology played the bigger part – no matter what, it seems like there's a benefit to the creative who isolates herself for a while.

If you experience writers block, most research points towards it being helpful to pamper your yuccie soul with a long and relaxing walk through a park.

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1) You're dying living in the city

Being a yuccie living your dream, you might not be too keen on dying any time soon. It comes to show that living close to Nature makes you less likely to be captured by the horned reaper before your time. However, if entrepreneurs are the new rock stars, are we then supposed to die before 27 years old like Jimi Hendrix, Curt Kobain etc.?

In a Dutch study early death was associated with living far away from nature. The Dutch that lived close to nature had a lower probability of dying at an early age and generally had better overall health.

If you're keen on living long and realising all your dream projects, make sure to spend some time away from the desk and closer to ocean, forest or mountains – it might even have a positive benefit on your creativity, productivity and general well being.