Signs that the future is now

By: Frederik van Deurs co-founder of , 11. aug 2015                             

5) Speakers that are solar-powered

I remember many a festival, waiting in line to charge a car-battery, so we could power the stereo of the festival camp and thus have sweet tunes filling the air. Now those days are over. With the new Earwig-Audio solar-powered speaker, you have 200 hours of loud music any where you want it.

The Speaker is developed by the Danish Startup – two young entrepreneurs valuing quality, simplicity and timeless design.

If you had told me five years ago that today, I'd be able to have great sound only powered by the sun, I would not have believed you – now the technology is accessible, affordable and easy to use.

The speaker charges in the sun, the sound is unbelievably good (and loud) it weighs only 12 kg and plays well enough to double as your home stereo. Damn this is cool!

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4) Bike helmets

The Hövding helmet is made by two Swedish yuccies from the university of Lund, with a tendecy to heavy geekiness. These girls asked themselves “why not make an airbag for cyclists?” and then they proceeded to make it.

The airbag works as a collar or a scarf and registers sudden movements. If an acceleration is fast enough, the collar pops out and protects the neck and the head of the wearer. Check out the crash test video below.

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3) People are harvesting water from air and

Many tech fantasies focus on how we will feed the world. In some scenarios access to water is also addressed. Mimicking dessert beetles and RedWood trees, it is now possible to harvest water from the air, with a device that looks a bit like a beehive sticking out the window.

The inventor is living in the ever so foggy and ever so Yuccie San Francisco, named as one of the best yuccie cities to visit in this yuccie top 5.

Harvesting water from air seems quite futuresque, but at the end of the day, it is the most important ressource for human life – let's make clean water accessible to everyone everywhere!

2) Solar-powered airplanes

Imagine if we could fly planes around the world without polluting and emitting astronomic amounts of CO2. That would be could, right? Two Swiss entrepreneurs are currently trying to fly around the world in a solar-powered airplane.

The future is now, these guys just succeeded in the first oceanic crossing ever, in a solar-powered airplane. Today, they're in Hawaii waiting to finish the world-round journey. The batteries busted on the trip, delaying the journey until April 2016.

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1) Jetpacks – yeah – jetpacks!

Since 2004 we've had the technology to make jetpacks. I know how you're feeling cheated now for not having seen one or having been offered at trip with one. But jetpacks are real. Alive and real. Two French super yuccies are flying these bad boys around Dubai.

Even though it happened in a galaxy far away and a long time ago, no yuccie has ever seised to hope for the Star Wars jetpack becoming a part of our reality. Who knows, maybe electrical cars, solar-powered airplanes and personal jetpacks are a part of the future we're all facing?