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By: Frederik van Deurs co-founder of , 16. aug 2015                             

You know the feeling, you're wasting time browsing around on the Internet. One lame youtube comment thread takes the next. Slowly your day starts drifting away into the abyss of time wasted on useless internet noise. You also know that you could spend this time doing something interesting, useful and inspiring.

After all, you are doing some pretty cool things, aren't you? In this post, we'll list the top5 bloggers and newsletters to follow for the modern yuccie. One thing they have in common is the way they approach their fields with humor and decent writing – it never gets dry and boring with these guys.

Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan might be one of the most yuccie men to walk this planet. He was employee #4 at and employee #30 at Facebook. He has a profound love for tacos and wit that clearly shines through all his material.

Right now he's working on his blog and - a program that helps you build a mailing list from scratch. I highly recommend that you sign up for his newsletter, it is highly entertaining and the advice given is valuable. You'll be able to comprehend the sheer value of his advice, from reading and applying it.

Sign up for his newsletter here:

Check out his company here:

Tim Ferris

Timothy Ferris author of 4-hour Work Week, 4-hour Body and 4-hour Chef. We've covered the 4-hour Work Week (Perfect Work Conditions for the Yuccie Life) earlier. 

His blog and his newsletter will link you to entertaining and educating podcasts and high quality material in all ways.

In his podcasts Tim invites some of the most interesting people in the world to informal talks about creativity, productivity, habits, morning rituals, business concepts, learning, adventures and much much more.

If I hadn't already appointed Noah Kagan the most yuccie to walk this planet, I think Tim would be a high-ranking candidate – the two of them are close friends and sometimes co-work as they do in this show

Sign up for his newsletter here:

Check out his books here:   The 4 hour workweek,    The 4 hour body,    The 4 hour chef

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James Clear

James Clear was recommended to me quite recently, boy that man can write. He has only authored free e-books, so his material is available to anyone willing to give him their email address. He is a weightlifter, philosopher and business man.

He makes a living teaching seminars on creativity and productivity. One of his main points is that creativity and true genius takes consistency. You'll have to consistently put in work and “show up” for whatever it is you want to become a pro at.

James Clear makes a big point of not relying on motivation – and this is a key learning point for any yuccie looking to live off of her work – you have to put in work consistently. Having many hours worth of work lets you pick and choose, you might have produced some low level work, but with many hours of productivity, you should have produced some high-quality creative work.

James Clear looks to a combination of behavioural science and anecdotes to underline his points – and he does so quite convincingly.

Even though the relationship between this yuccie and James Clear has been quite brief, it has been one of the better.

I highly recommend you to check out his website, browse through his articles and download his free e-books.


Tynan is a lifehacker first and foremost. For many years he lived and worked in a converted RV. He never drank alcohol or did any drugs and lives life on a strict diet of healthy food, world class tea and Hip Hop.

He wrote “the Hustlers MBA” ( that got shared on a bunch of big websites and really kicked his readership up. It was also that article that sparked my initial interest for this alternative yuccie.

Tynan is a rare breed, like James Clear and Tim F, he is quite focused on habits and habit formation. His most recent book, Superhuman by Habit, is on habit building alone – and a good read btw.

Get it here: Superhuman by habit

His blog is a weekly ritual for me, however; frankly speaking, Tynan is not the best of writers. Oftentimes he'll release mediocre work – but that is one of the things I really like about him. My mind is never switched off when reading because of some of the logic fallacies that occur in some of his posts.

The posts are very much like a stream of consciousness, which has the side-effect that you feel like you actually get to know this yuccie personally.

Tynans best book, in my opinion, is Life Nomadic. This one takes up the challenges and roads to success in leaving your day-job and how you can go traveling for an infinite amount of time at a cheap price – if you consider going nomad yuccie, you have to check out that book, it is very condensed and highly applicable.

Get it here: Life Nomadic

Check out his blog:

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Pandoras box of yuccie heroes (from

If you liked any of the above mentioned, this list presented by Corey Breier, will definitely be your cup of tea. Corey Breier is a bit of a yuccie himself – check out the list and his own posts and see for yourself.

Check out the list of high-quality yuccie authors:

Until next time – All the Best