Yuccie Top 5 – Cities to Visit

By: Frederik van Deurs co-founder of greentechchallenge.eu , 18. aug 2015                             

In todays yuccie top 5 we'll take a look at inspiring yuccie cities. Cities you can go to for business or pleasure or a little bit of both. Bring your laptop and a few projects to any of these places and be sure to find cool workspaces, creative makers, great networking events and high speed internet. More likely than not, any of these cities will give a yuccie a nice scoop of cultural gasoline, sparking creativity and charging the mental batteries.

5. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is often listed as one of the best places to start a business. The people of Copenhagen are, overall, about as yuccie as any population can be. The city is flooded with trendy cafés with great wifi and a wide array of hip food trucks and chilled cocktail bars.

Copenhagen is a fairly expensive city to be in, so make sure to bring some of that hard-earned cash of yours. In Copenhagen you can bike anywhere, rental bikes a scattered all over the city and there's bike paths on every single street (!).

Every Dane is fluent in English, so the Danes can easily get under your skin. Here at Yuccie, we strongly reccomend you to:

  • Taste the Smørrebrød of Denmark
  • Visit the neighborhood Vesterbro and get lost in the side streets
  • Visit Christiania and get excited about it's utopian building styles
  • Go to KBH Projects or CSE to see the leading Danish Startup-hubs

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4. Dubai

The world is not in scarcity of capital cities trying to position themselves as the next startup-hub. Trying to catch the attention of expats and international yuccies, many a city has tried various approaches. One of the more successful ones is Dubai. Dubai has aimed at furnishing a design district with galleries, artisan workshops, small indie stores and cafés.

Dubai is hosting the world EXPO 2020, so the city is aiming at creating the perfect conditions for networking between young talent and established heavy international industrial players.

Skyscanner.net has a great guide for how to see Dubai on a budget – one wrong step in Dubai can end up costing the unsuspecting yuccie a lot of money! (I was offered a taxi-ride from the airport to city centre at only $800 on a layover, after a brief moment of calculation I decided against taking that generous offer).


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3. Berlin

Berlin might be the easiest city, in all of Europe, to have an incredible time in. Each and every neighbourhood present a cascade of opportunities for getting lost and accidentally walk into a shared workspace, a café driven by blind people, an shared atelier or a pop-up soup kitchen. When you need a place to sit down and work, you'll never have to spend more than 10 minutes searching for a cafe with a decent internet connection.

If you're looking for fellow yuccies, Berlin is by many considered the main startup-hub of Europe. Check out Startup Guide Berlin http://startupguide.berlin/#blog

No matter what art scene has your attention, you'll find plenty of stimuli in Berlin that holds a host of musicians, painters, dancers, mimers, jugglers and poets.

Buy: Startup guide Berlin

2. Barcelona

From the startup perspective, Barcelona has two main areas that demand attention; San Antoni and Graxia. San Antoni is currently flourishing with newly opened shops and boutiques, driven by local yuccies trying to make a living. The area provides any yuccie with artisan beer, small bars and plenty of places to go nuts in the famous Barcelona tapas.

As a great bonus, Barcelona is warm and comfortable most of the year, as opposed to the heavy dark and cold winters of Berlin and Copenhagen.

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1. San Fransisco

All the startup writers Yuccie admire, are based in San Francisco (don't call it Frisco, it will piss the locals off). San Francisco is known as the tech startup-hub of the world, the city has seen heavy gentrification as an unfortunate consequence, taking some of the charm from some of the neighbourhoods.

However, the Mission and Castro are still alive and thriving with thousands of small startups providing you with craft beer, organic food and hand-made furniture. These artisan stand as a clear contrast to the dotcom internet companies that are also flooding the city, mainly in the SoMa district.

You can enjoy some of the best tacos and burritos in the world in the Mission, get a ride with the tram around town, take a walk on the piers or exhaust yourself climbing the steep hills known from countless filmsets.

All in all, a great city to sit down and work or get lost and inspired as you stumble across new adventures around every corner.


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