Yuccie Top 5 – Headphones

By: Frederik van Deurs co-founder of greentechchallenge.eu , 8. aug 2015                             

Music is one of the easiest ways to let your mind wander or get into the creative work state known as “flow”. When you are in flow, you loose the sense of time and become able to work for many hours on end without even taking a break – reaching the flow state is key if you do creative work like designing, writing, painting or coding.

Earlier we have covered how it is essential to the yuccie life, to design a workspace that meets your requirements and inspires creativity and productivity. Check out the blog post about yuccie workspaces here.

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Today we'll take a look at the best headphones for getting work done. We will look at two different priceranges and styles, the cheap head phones, the expensive headphones, the in-ear headphones and on ear headphones.

5) – The cheap and high performing Skull Candy

At just about $ 12, the Skull Candy headphones are really killing the market. The skull candy head phones will be the perfect start for any startup buying headphones for the creatives on a budget. The Skull Candy headphones perform well on all parameters, they have excellent bass, decent mid-frequencies and decent top.

As a small bonus, Skull Candy roll with flat cables that doesn't intertwine as easily as the classic round cables. They pack down to almost nothing, isolate quite well and sound great – for the new startup yuccie, these headphones should be your weapon of choice.

I accidentally washed and dryed mine twice – and they survived both my attempts at killing them.

Unfortunately, the poor yuccie will have to face the fact, that you don't get crystal crisp at $12 – but you're getting damn close! Buy them here

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4) – The Danish AiAiAi Pipe – amazing design and crisp sound

At Yuccie, we love it when entrepreneurs success in entering and thriving in a tough market. The masterminds behind the AiAiAi certainly have done just that. AiAiAi produce high-end in ear headphones at a relatively low cost $40 will get you a pair of these bad boys. They perform exceptionally well, soundwise, and they look amazing.

One of the coolest Danish yuccies, Bjarke Ingels, is starring in the design team behind the headphones. If you haven't already learned about this creative mastermind, check him out!

AiAiAi Pipe have decent sound, but what you're paying for is the looks and the story of a bunch of young entrepreneurs trying to enter an insanely difficult market.

Supposedly, AiAiAi's Dj and Studio lines are top performers within their price range, but we haven't had the joy of testing them at Yuccie. Buy them here

3) - Panasonic RPHJE120K In-Ear Headphone

These bad boys ships at less than $10. At that price you would expect something mediocre, however, they perform stunningly well. All in all they have everything any creative entrepreneur could be looking for, extremely low price, good performance, high comfort and most importantly, great sound – this is definitely the set of headphones that gives you the most bang for the buck, no matter how you look at it.

They look like a cheap set of headphones, but then again, that is exactly what they are. Buy them here


These bad boys will be yours at $99 dollars – now we're obviously in quite a different price range. The Shure SE215 are by far blowing anything in the same pricerange out the market. They can be used as in-ear monitors for stage-musicians or just outperform your home stereo any day. At $99 you will not believe the crips stellar sound quality you get in return. Any yuccie can put these on in the work space and completely disappear into whatever creative activity forms the basis of her startup. Buy them here

1) – Superlux HD-681

These studio qulaity headphones is by far the best value for money buy available on the market. It has an astounishing frequency range from 10hZ to 30khZ. If you do anything professionally related to sound, don’t blow your budget, get these bad boys straight away, they cannot have enough praise - especially at this price! 

$31 for studio quality headphones, it’s a steal, it’s a deal, the definitive winner of the yuccie top5 - Headphones! Buy them here